Monday, September 01, 2014

Substantial TV Epsiode 9 "The Siphon"

For those who love Chile, for those who would love to go to Chile, and for those who get Substantial! I salute you!

Substantial TV Episode 9 "The Siphon" from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Later E.G.


Sam said...

And I salute you!!! Actually, I envy you... I think about kayaking all day, every day... guilty pleasures, deep strokes, boofs... I don't know for sure, but it looks like you truly are livin' the life!!
My goal is to move somewhere in South America (though Colorado's not bad) so that I can boat every fuckin day.
Congrats to you, keep doing what you're doing and giving us those awesome videos- certain salvation for people like me in the winter months!

Sam said...

Oh yeah :) and sweet video! Look like some scary-fun-terrifying-giggle-inducing rapids :)

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Bea Wagner said...


Ich denke das ist eine ausgesprochen gute Sache! Das ist recht neu für mich. Ich habe ein Sugaring Studio in Frankfurt.


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