Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Substantial Media House Episode #1

From the bowls of our dusty hard drives we finally bring you a legendary video containing some of the most brown and jah footage to be seen from Norway! Kick back and watch as we go from High Water Classics to First Descents! Norway is beyond an epic place to go is a rugged mountainous land built from millions of years of mother nature doing her thing. It shows...I have never seen so many rivers and so much water in one place...the potential to go kayaking is unlimited and unbound! Only your guts and imagination can hold you back in a place like Norway. I am proud to bring you the first episode of our new whitewater web series "Hot Wet Scandinavian Pillaging".  

Substantial TV EP.1 "Hot WET Scandinavian Pillaging" from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

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Later E.G.

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