Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kayak Session Short Film Awards Entry

This is a 5 minute edit that I made for The Kayak Session Short Film Awards!!! Half of the competition is online hits so help a brother out and share this on all your social networks, blogs, websites, and with your friends!!!!

This is a short story about running the 5 big drops on the North Fork of the American River in California. I first completed this feat in 2010 and then repeated in 2011! It was an amazing thing to be able to put on this powerful river and take out having completed this goal I had for so long. I dubbed the run, “The Royal Flush”.

It consists of :

The Heath Springs Gorge (Huge entry set into a 40 footer, a clean 60 footer into a slot 20 foot boof, then a committing class V canyon run out)

Rattlesnake Falls (The marquee perfect granite 50 foot falls)

Scott’s Drop or Chuck Kern Falls (A 100 foot double stage falls, the crux of the run)

Wabena Falls (70 foot launch ramp falls)

Running all 5 big drops in one descent had been talked about for a long time...I have run the Royal Gorge 5 times now and it took me 3 runs prior to my 2010 Royal Flush to put it all together into one successful descent. It wasn’t an overnight stunt by any means. Of course it’s all about picking the right flows, group, weather, gear, and time to go for this descent...when it all lines up it’s one of the most incredible things I have ever been a part of to this day! I would suggest 900-700cfs @ Inflow to Clemintine N.F.A. river as the proper flows to run everything! Now Watch the video and enjoy!
  Later E.G.

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