Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salto de San Pedro

The San Pedro Falls is about an hour away from Tlapacoyan. It wouldn't be that far in any other country, but when the road is covered with pot holes and speed bumps, you can't just put her in 5th and cruise. After some ungodly amount of jesus's yelled out as we passed cars on corners and caught air off topes we arrived at a small inconspicuous bridge. Upon arrival you would think nothing, but when you peer over, you see it!

The fall in all its glory. I said, "There are only three places in the world you can just find a drop like this. Mexico, The Northwest, and Chile!".

Rafa slipin' and slidin' off the lip near the beginning of our trip at low flows.

Todd Wells from the bottom, I thought the drop looked way bigger and better from down at this angle.

So we had a nice session at low water, got good shots, and had a good time. Rush spotted a good jumping platform and wanted to return another day to shoot it with better light. So we left it until the very last day of the trip. After two solid days of crazy tropical rain everything was too high expect for this small drainage. We came back to it and had a nice little end of the trip huckfest! Check the video out below...

San Pedro Falls, Mexico from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

All of us getting ready inside the house staying out of the rain.

Aniol running the brown!

La Cobra and I waiting for Rush to go big in his own way.

Aniol behind the falls running safety for the left pocket.

Rush throwing a huge gainer off a 60+ foot cliff right into the falls.

With that all said and done we had nothing left to do other than head back pick up our gear and hit the road back to the city. There are many missing updates to come soon. When I get the photos...until then enjoy the shots of San Pedro and the short video I put together of the last day in Mexico.

Later E.G.

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