Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Ashlu River

The Ashlu is a very amazing place! Everyone knows this, so don't disagree. We came up for some fall releases on the Box Canyon, or as the locals call it, Commitment Canyon. Fred, Candace and I were all bunched in Gnar-Car ready for a stout mission in the back woods of this awe aspiring location. Dodging many dangerous Mountain Lions, Bears, Spiders, and heavy machinery we had an swell time enjoying the Ashlu Valley.

Candace took some action packed photos while Fred and I combined efforts to film and make a sick edit. This is the most famous river in Southern B.C. and it is a bummer to see the dam controlling flows, but there is still lots of releases and opportunities to get on this famous piece of white water. Check out the edit that has gotten some really good feed back from viewers thus far. The HD GoPro's have been taking crisp footy and its always pretty amazing to watch the Cannon 7D's clarity.

Ashlu Box Canyon from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.

Here are some of the many shot from our two weekends on the river. 50/50 is the main attraction on the run and it is the first drop. It was easy to set of good shots so one day Bryan Smith and Reel Productions got their hands on a Phantom HD video camera to shoot us running this 40 footer. It was pretty amazing to watch kayak footage at 800 frames per second. That video may come out here pretty soon as well, we will have to see if we get lucky?

Scouting 50/50 on our first day in BC...what a way to start the trip

Taking a big stroke in to the pit of 50/50 falls.

Coming in HOT!

The only time of the trip I truly "LAID TREATS" on this drop.

Check out this camera! It took 3 people to make this thing shoot video.

Back boofing a nice ledge at the bottom of the Mine run above the Box Canyon.

Getting some different angles with the 7D. Check out that sweet Sweet Gear, sleek, sexy, red, comfy, a true machine of the art.

Summoning my Chi looking in to a small pool of water while tossing up the Brown.

HD Gold...That's what we were after! I should have stole the whole thing and paid off my mortgage. Wait I don't have a mortgage yet? Ok maybe just go kayaking for 10 years straight.

Hope you fools enjoyed the Ashlu update and if you like the video check out the rest of our BC edit coming up soon.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

chur evan, nice video dude makes me sad being at home working, bradley

Blake Huber said...

Thats the cat's pajamas mang! I got to hit up the box a couple years ago. I'm glad to see they're giving some water back apres dam.

Unknown said...

Nice lines at 50/50! Are the releases going to be happening every year? What size is that remix?

Anonymous said...

are all these still there in ashlu river after the IPP's hydro project?