Thursday, June 03, 2010

Getting Things Started

So I know it's been a crazy little run for the past two weeks, but I have been getting some really good paddling out here in Cali. This is a little update of some photos from the time I spent with my good Kiwi buddies here. We started off with a juicy run down the South Branch and then hit a nice overnighter on the South Merced in Yosemite national park. Trying to follow water around in California can be a hassle and ue up a bunch of gas, but once your on the good tasting the pure granite boulder goodness, it's all worth it. Check some shots out from the Kiwi boys and Candace.

Sam Sutton boofing a good one on the South Branch.

Sam reppin' the brown for all the New Zealanders.

Ryan "crazy man" Lucas on the best two boofs of the run. I can't actually say that.

Portaging to the lower South Branch...don't do this unless you have really good beta or a guide.

Nate my little bro running through some juicy section of the South Merced.

All camping under two small can still rain in California even during the so called summer time.

Brad running the "50" at the take out of the top run on the S.B.

So this is what we got into the first week I was out here...the Cali Love Tour returns once again. With that said, I'm hopping in on a new project with my high school friend and Shasta boy Shon Bollock, in his new movie "Slippery when Wet". It will be a athlete based movie showcasing a crew on boaters and how they love to do their sport. I will elaborate more on that soon...

Later E.G.

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Adayak said...

Thanks for the update. That's a cool adidas logo on Sam's boat.