Friday, May 21, 2010

Koosah Falls, Mackenzie River OR

Coming back across the states to the West Coast, I was excited to finally get back on some home runs. Meeting up with some old kiwi friends from the past we were ready to go and get something big under our belts. Metlako was pretty low, so the next move was down to the super stout outside of Eugene OR. After many adventures around the world I was finally back to some of the first big waterfalls I had ever seen as young class V paddler. In 2004 I was on a Spring break trip with my older brother and Jon Meyers when I first laid my eyes on Koosah falls. At the time, I never in a million years, would have thought that someday I would launch this beast. There I stood above the 75 foot beast saying I was "IN".

The deal...what you have to deal with right above the drop.

Looking downstream at the horizon line.

This drop is no plop and drop pool to pool...the entry is a hard mix between a diagonal curler wave, a hole, an eddy, and a tricky lip. Combining all these traits into one, equals one hell of a technical stout. With my Kiwi mates on safety and pictures I was ready to give this thing a go.

Myself and Ryan Lucas scouting the do or not to do?

I had to climb a tree to see for sure what I was about to get myself into.

I took my time getting ready and gearing up...thinking about all the possible lines I could take off this thing. After a long time scouting the line I decided to take was a right to left, and then back middle. As I came into the curler, it jetted me quickly left and with a few hard strokes to slow me up and line up downstream I floated off the lip slow as I faded my paddle away.

At the pinnacle point of running the drop.

Catching some heat from the curler, and starting to drop in.

Elbows out, starting my free fall, and about to toss the paddle away.

Falling a long way twisting through the air I took a pretty typical 70+ footer hit (Hard, but not too bad) and hand rolled up in the pool. It was a super good drop, very stout. I can't believe that so many people before me have run this drop. It is a very tough and tall waterfall with many different consequences. But, all in all it is a clean free fall and it's very close to the road.

Very happy hiking out of the pool...a true park and huck special.

Telling everybody what went down and how much I enjoyed running this waterfall.

The Koosah falls was a great way to kick off my West Coast Tour. Running big drops is always a great way to get your mind back in the game. I can't wait to get down to California to start getting back in shape and boating daily. Keep it safe and go big! Thanks for the great shots Candace!

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

Yo! don't have FB anymore.. but have been updating my blog more.. I'm gonna add a link to yours and Cdawgs. Hope all is well! take down the brown!

Adayak said...

Is it just me or is that water a unique color of blue? Almost like a sky blue.

Unknown said...

alright bro, i gotta ask. why did you ditch the paddle? is it a badass thing? im not tryin to be a dick im just wondering if there was any rhyme or reason