Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Si lo crees, lo puedes!

Well after a long time with high levels, and doing a few different rivers including... Desahue high as hell, Upper Liucura, Turbio, and high water Nevados.... We returned to the Tres Saltos with a high, but reasonable flow. I have been fighting off a wicked cold down here while still trying to kayak in the winter like conditions... So I have been feeling a little under the weather to say the least... First image is covering our Halloween celebration from Saturday night... It was quite the fiesta to say the least... The next day we got on the Desahue with an unbelievable high flow. Running unstoppable huge class V between sharp plants, we made it through the crux of the run before having a swim and loosing a kayak and paddle to the raging torrent. With bad vibes we hiked out of the river to save the rest for another day... After scouting more high water death, we finally balled up and went back to the park and huck saviour Tres Saltos....

Demshitz had a strong showing at the bar.

Ian firing it up first...

A huge paddle toss and hands roll made my run a success.

Jared running this big boi for the 3rd time this year.

Thin Hurm having a good yet slightly crooked line off this jungle love.

And last but not least, our good chilean friend Gringo ran it with a nice line.

He was rather fired up and happy to have had a good line.

Our group enjoying the rain fed creeks while they are here... This has been the most rain I have ever seen at one time... Most everything is too scary and high to put on. There are some creeks that can handle it... That's what we are looking for.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

That picture of Ian is scary...keep up the good work boys.


Notorious B said...

Lovin' the steez EG......... lovin' the steez.