Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rio Panqui first descent

So this has always been a river that has interested me due to its close proximity to the rest of the good here. We woke up one sunny morning and drove to Currarehue where we found a very low looking level at the bridge... do we want to go? Yeah we are already here so... basicly we put on and rode out about 2-3 miles of the worst low volume class II ever!!! what´s up? then all off the sudden we show up at a huge horizon line marking the portage. To our surprise what we saw was a clean 60 footer with a small pool. DANG! we scouted it out and all decided that it goes... one problem safety is a must in there so we needed to return with a climbing rope, and harnes to rappel in to the box gorge with nothing but stouts in mind we portaged the rest of the gorge and proceded down stream to run the rest of a cool pool drop gorge to the take out.

The first day on the last 30 footer below the portage.

Once the Seiler bros showed up and after a huge birthday night out.. we were set on gong back for this puppy. We nixxed the class II and parked at the falls where we ghot ready to watch and run some big big stuff. Jared ended up going down to run safety in a room where most of the outflow went, good to have a bro at the bottom of this thing for sure. After some time Ian and rodrigo Ro-sham-bo´d for the first D... Ian won.

Jared rapping in to run some safety.

Ian at the top of the stout... note his far left possition.

Ian going over... seeing nothing but a pool and lots of rocks.

So the drop was not an easy plop at all... lots of curent at the lip, and a very questionable crack and ledge at the base of the drop on the left. Ian came in hot, no eddy and ran it almost off the left wall. Not having his line of choice he ended up way over and with a few loud !¨BANGS¨! he came out with three pieces of an AT2 swimming.. OUCH! Like always he a tough somofabitch so he just cheered it off. After much conversation Rodrigo decided he was ready to stout...

Rodrigo entered further right on the lip trying to avoid the ledge at the base of the falls.

Looking good buddy.

Going for it!!!! quote chico gerd!

Rodrigo ended up having a good line... still over rotated, but on this drop it was almost a 100%... very shallow where you wanted to take off. He landed with a boom! in the pool and snapped off a quick roll. Knocked the wind right out of him, but he was stoked to be in the pool looking back up at yet another huge waterfall in his backyard. With the two of them safe I said ¨I´m good¨ and walked away from this guy. Coming away from this with some incredible media and a fun day out there I was just happy to have witnessed the huckfest.

Celebration with a Volcamburger, the best of Pucon.

Later E.G.


Unknown said...

Looks good evan. Would love to see the video you made "The flow"

Be good


charliec said...

YO boys...f ing jonesin to do some paddlin after reading these updates. Looks heavinly down there, keep firin it up! charlie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan,

We in the Scottish Creeking fraternity watch your adventures and drool! You guys are kickin ass.

I'm organising some films for a mountain film festival we have here in Fort William, Scotland, in march. Wondered if you might have some extra sick footage which we might be able to show?

Think this part of the world is slightly in the dark as to how far yawl are pushin it these days.. would be good to have some education. Films get entered into a competition with a reasonable cash prize too...

In case you're into it, the email is


Dave B

Andy Maser said...

Damn dude, you boys went in there low as hell! Ian's line looks pretty terrifying.

Give Rodrigo a big "what's up" from the whole EP squad!!


River Roots said...

Yeah EG KILLA!!! good to c you boys gettin after it... Mada has been pretty savage. Lot of jungle whackin, leeches, crocs, etc. The first Ds do not come easy... Hope all is good.

Anonymous said...

que hambre!!....
esa hamburguesa se ve terrible..mmmm
rico rico
me encanto conocerlos
Nicole W.

Anonymous said...

que hambre!!....
esa hamburguesa se ve terrible..mmmm
rico rico
me encanto conocerlos
Nicole W.