Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roadside Alsaseca

The first drop of the Roadside section of the Alsaseca.

This is just one of those rivers where everything fell into place. There is not a bad drop on this run. I think there is close to 40 cleans slide and waterfalls in this short section of river. Tyler and I routed it while Ian chilled resting his back and taking pictures. We ran the whole run in under an hour, only portaging a nasty hole that is almost impossible to boof. But truly whats impossible in a kayak. The S-turn... what a tasty piece of whitewater, unique in everyway.

Tyler and I in the mist of some sickidy boofs.

What is a day in Mexico without a cold cerveza. We just had a few too man that night, good times with the boys. Half way through the night Rush, Raffa, and Brooks showed up at a famous local bar and joined our possie. 6 strong we partyed the night away, only to wake up in the morning after massive tropical rain storms and the sight of flooding rivers. I´m scared I thought to myself as we drove over puente Tomata. The saga continues... much more to come. Later E.G.

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