Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hospital Rock Kaweah

We spent the last two days on the Middle Kaweah running a good section named Hospital Rock. Fun classic California class V run. Speaking of hospitals Alex Daggle, one of the twins, dislocated his shoulder on the first slide of the run. Both Daggles in one year aye!

This drainage has tons of different runs to get on. The East fork is also running, on the low side of good, but it would still be a dope day on the river. The river is fun with tons of cool boofs and slides. It starts in the center of Sequoia national park in the southern Sierras. The entire run is continuous and butter smooth. The best drop is called zero to sixty. Which is a cool smooth slide entrance into a 10-15 footer at the end of the run.

Dropping in to the second slide of the day, tuber.Bill...420....you know what I'm talking. Big boat on a lil guy.The pillow heading into 0 to 60. New shinny boat
JPatt lining it up at the bottom of 0 to 60.

The first two days here we had 80 degree weather. Today it rained all day but the level was still holding. Cali should be treating well the next month so I will try to stay updated on what I'm up to. Take it easy y'all EG


Anonymous said...

go big or go home evgar...


Anonymous said...

damn both daggles in one year. thats no good.