Friday, December 01, 2006

San Luis Potosi

The next part of our trip took us to the state of San Luis Potosi. This is where the trvertine rivers lay in thick jungle habitats in the Sierra Madre mountains. The rio Micos and Saltos are ture classics. Fun clean waterfalls from put in to take out, ranging from 5 to 20 feet. There is a 70 foot sliding falls at the put in of the Micos and a 100 foot cascade at the take out of the Salto, but both the drops seemed super sketchy to me. Due to the sticky rock and low water we thought the boof-ability was high and hit you would take was not worth running the drops.

Reid on the micos river, The big drop is in the background of this picture.

Me on a fun lofty 15 foot boof on the Rio Saltos, Get her Done!!

Other than that things are the same. I have been sleeping in my hamock over the river, and yes, I'm slighty sick from the water and food of Mexico. Typical!!! We are headed to the Santa Maria and then back for round II of the Alsaseka. The goods!!! check ya later E.G.


Anonymous said...

sick..sick..sick..sick...its erik j and it looks like you mightbe having a little too much fun...oh well keep it up and have fun


Anonymous said...

Yeah,yeah. Sounds ok. You should have run those drops.

RiotAJ said...


Damn dude, the micos and the salto are much lower than when we were there. We were boofing the left side of the first drop on the micos, and then for the waterfall on the salto, we boofed where it was dry on river left in that photo. But, then again, looks like you are doing some way cooler stuff than we did while we were there. Check out the river left of the bottom drop on the micos. Tyler used to run it over there, not quite sure whats over there, but it could be cool. We usually ran it on the right.

See if yall can have a head to head there. One of the coolest head to head races that I have ever done was on the micos. Anyway dude, give me a ring when you get back into town (before the 21st) and fill me in on mexico.

Later hoss, keep it real,


Anonymous said...

were you one of the wealthy few who bought a semester video? You should mail me that... Ill give you royalties on my upcoming album, like 5 dollars at least. Heavy flow....