Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jorge Martinez

This update is about a friend of ours down here named Jorge Martinez. He was an aswsome Mexican boater who joined us on the Xico, Texolo, and lots of good times in Jalcomulco. A week or so ago, Jorge went back to finish the middle gorge of the Texolo, due to his destroyed skirt he hiked out after the big drop on his first run while we continued down stream.

Lj and Jorge Martinez, THE MAN!! scouting on the Rio Xico.

Anyways, he went back with a few good friends of ours and a little over half way down the river he got beatdown in a hole at the end of a steep rapid and lost his paddle. After that he swam into an undercut wall and never resurfaced. His friends went back to the rapid and looked for his body for days after the event and even brought a scuba-diver to try and recover him from the cave. The search was called off unsucsessful. He was a great guy and very positive person, really fun to be around and boat with. I feel privlaged to have gotten the chance to kayak and hang out with such a good person and I feel the loss of a friend and fellow kayaker.



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