Monday, February 18, 2008

Zei Gol Gol

After the Rio Todosobreniños we were on fire. Over the border we put stright in to the river and it was on. This river goes: 15, 5, 20, 20, 15, 25, 40... ran them all. I walked Indio, due to my nancey ear problem from last time at around twice the flow. This time the river was much more enjoyable and still stout and exciting. The boys were fired up to get a new run under their belts and 3 of dem fell off the biggen. Jared boofed her strong and hard, Dave and Max took dat beast deep, like China deep. All else was good we boofed and we left on to the next river on the ¨Tour De Stout¨!!!!

Me boofing a nice 15er... number 4 I think.

Stout Master Miguel puttin it to yet another.

The sluce box on the way to some more rocker???

At the top nice lofty boof at the top of the run.

Fusili killing a boof, demshitz can do it like dat!!!

No photos of Indio but some sick video, not because Jared's computer was stolen out the truck during a night on Pucon. Dam but the insure. has got his back... we only lost footie and pictures. Life goes on... but if we find you little mulleted Chileans creepin around your head is mine!!!!!

Later E.G.

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