Monday, February 18, 2008

Rio Fuy and LLanchahue

Just for your info... These upadte are about 3 weeks old because I have been lazy. But it was right with the Manso and other rivers. The best 8 days of kayaking of my life!!!
At the bottom of the falls section on the Fuy!!! group love demshitz and BD's repin'.

After the Nilahue we continued north towards the Fuy. The upper is a classic run that everyone has seen many times. The water is totaly clear and blue. Most of the run is class III until you reach a set of awsome waterfalls and rapids at the end of the section. We did this run two days in a row and also check out ome huge scary runnable falls Here are some photos that Jared snapped of us....

A really cool photo of the Salto de Leona in the backgrond of this slide.

Fusili in the mists of a big wier hole.

After two days there we went looned at some more river before showing up in Coñaripe, home of the Rio LLanchahue. It was one of the first really hot weeks in Pucon so the river had risen and was toally brown. We took a hopeful peek at Gerd's drop in the middle section that he hucked last year but the level was too low and I was scared!!! It is one of the stoutest things ever run, for sure!!!! Props to you little spañared for huckin that.

So we did the run at kind of low flows, but we all ran the portage drop. I dont have those pics yet, but I will try and get them up soon. Then we were back in Pucon and still on fire... we put our sights on the Midio Palguin for round 2.

Later E.G.

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