Thursday, February 21, 2008

Salto del Nilahue round 2

We got out of Pucon after an epic week of debouchery and my big 19th birthday party. It was needed, although I'm sad to say good bye to such an awomse place... but I'm sure to make plans to come back next October... I hope?

Volcan Villrrica... the guardian of Pucon, saying good bye to my home last past 2 1/2 months.

Well we made out way down south through the scenic lake district and found ourselves back at the park and huck king Nilahue. It was three weeks since Me and Jared ran it at high flows and we were all ready to run it this time. We woke up early and ate some bready and avacado's the normal for us poor kayakers and got fired up to go big!!! Again!

Jared, Migule, Me, and Max. We had sick lines. The landing was super soft for me and varying for the others.

Jared Seiler fire, aim, steady!!! his philosiphy for the stouts!!! haha NOT! he is greesy smooth!

Migule stompping the perfect line on this bad ass 60 footer!!

Mua!! on run number 1 of the day... I liked this line.

Max resetting his angle on the last possible moment before freefall.

I was so pumped I walked back up to the top which was not easy and hucked it again!!! I was hot, sweaty, and scared for my second run because I was alone, but all was well and the landing was soft once again.

Me on my second run of the day.

It is kind of a gamble running a 60 footer twice in one day because one mistake can be bad news bears!!! So i just focused on the same line and got it! The day was not done there... It was early and the First D I have been chasing was just 10km away!!!! Foreshadowing for amazing things to come!!!

Later E.G.


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JHB said...

dude, we hit this the day after we saw you in the inferno last week. Tom ran three times, crazy. I landed funny and fractured my wrist. Such a sick line. Hope you fire it up huge on the baker. See you on the LWS this spring.