Monday, February 04, 2008

Manso Gorge

So after camping at Cascada de los Alerces, we woke up with the long shuttle already set from the night before ready to go. Dave, Jared, and I put in up stream of the falls while everybody else walked down to watch us run yet another stout! The river splits into two different channels, one is the big daddy from the day before, the other is a sick tight 50-60 foot sliding falls.

Jared mighty meat mouse displaying kojones.

Jared showed us it was good to go, running it at the same time as a crazy duck who stomped the same line only feet behind him. Then me and then Dave fired behind him all with style, a great drop.

The Killah on the Alerces slide.

Fusili puttin some sauce on the stout.

After the falls there is a good section of flat water leading up to a nice 3 drop sequence ending in a beautiful boofer.

Mike Stratton on a nice boof at the end of a three stage drop.

Monkey arms in effect!

There was some good drops and big holes leading into the gorge with tons of quality boulder drops in its depths. One is a portage which I sent everyone in to blind, sorry it looked totally manageable!!! It ended up Ok with only one swim. This hole was furious. More good drops like this:Dave slangin the fish boats.

Put us at a long class II run out into Lago Steffen and a 6km paddle out on that thing finished me. Then we finished the second half of the shuttle and drove stright to Bariloche for a stout Saturday night on the town. Ask Migule about that one. We ended up sleeping on a dock in the middle of that city... good times. A good day for us then we waited for the prize.....

Where is this??? Who knows!!??

Later E.G.

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