Monday, February 18, 2008

Salto Del Nilahue

Checkin' Nilahue out from the outlook it may look small from here, but it's pretty tall when your fallin' down it.

Lj Groth and Trip Jennings first D'ed this drop a few years back when it was a monster double drop and boofed a huge 40 into a 30. Last Year my Bro, Chris, and Rodrigo first D'ed the new drop a ramp style 60 footer!!!!

Dave and I looking at it from the lip.

This thing is soooo sick, ver unique, and kind of scary due to a nasty cave undercut if you resurface left. We scouted for a long time and Jared and I geared up and gave it some loving.

Jared on his way to glory... Not we just kayakers!!!

Me on my way to a nice hit... fist pump... and hug with my hommie.

The water was higher than it had been run, except one time when Ron Fisher fired it up at super high flows after Christmus this year, but it was still juicy. We both broke right and tucked near the bottom of the freefall. Popping up on the right side of the boil we was doing good. Love all around and Danky 21's for all to celebrate yet another victorious descent of a big boy in Chile!!!

Later E.G.

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