Monday, February 18, 2008

Fusili's Last Day N' Pucon (Middle P.)

Middle Palguin Video!!!

This was Fusili's last day in Pucon... we woke up late, ate some food, hucked the stout 70 on the Palguin... and partied hard out on the town. It was a classic day in Pucon almost like everyday.

The Tour De Stout Video!!!

Both these sick shitz be made by Jared Seiler... He's killin it... EH!! It's a little overdue, these last posts but now they are up for your viewing and enjoyment. Tell me how you like dem!!!

Later E.G.


RiotAJ said...

Ok Evan,

Just stop it already. Enough. Thats enough, really. That is just too much unbelievable kayaking. Stop. It aint fair...

;-) I think that you have gotten more vertical on this trip than I have in a year or two of kayaking. I mean jesus, some, ahem, correction, almost all of those drops are frikkin' huge.

Nice videos Jared and yall stay safe. And please, consider those at home who aren't kayaking off of 30-70' waterfalls and have fun.



scoobs said...

fuck that, evgar keep on huckin em for the rest of us in college haha. agreed those drops are sick and all but i am challenging you right now to shotgunning a hurricane this summer, and if you don't know what a hurricane is look up hurricane high gravity lager.
maybe no kayaking, but we ruggers can chug our beer without leaving the can half full. hah
justin "scooby" patt