Monday, February 04, 2008

Rio Todosobreniños

No one knows this river.....

Deep in the jungle we sat for days hiking over mountains and through marshes Demshitz were tried and so was I. Through the drakness came light and this is what we found... photos all by Demshitz (max, mike, will, jared, dave);

Camping in heaven, possible my favorite place on earth to this point.

Max greasing the 1st drop.

Dave on a slughterfest of numero ono as well.

Ojodeculo gorge!!!

In the runnings of the coolest canyons Ive seen.

Jared killin it.

Me on a sick double drop split falls.

Max pumped up!

Mike pumped up!

Me hitting a nice plug on a good waterfall.

The same drop from down stream.

Dave and Max boogie.

The Sky was on fire?

The boyz: Mike Stratton had an unbeatable birthday.

Well if you want to know it... find it Im not at liberity to say it. We did it two days in a row and they were amazing days... top 5 rivers of all time with out doubt... no portages!!!!

Later E.G.


Darin said...

Totally jealous, way to go out there and get it. All snow here.

The only other shot I got of you on the DP, at least until we return this year!

Anonymous said...

footage goes to BDP right? Phattttt.

Anonymous said...

I hate you. While i sit in school you are fucking rocking it.

Shoneria said...

I am pretty sure Devin and Ben got the first D on that a few years ago... its looks super epic bro. Keep shreddin' the shit while im in