Friday, November 14, 2008

Rio Turbio Flood

So after a long night out on the town... Friday night I believe! Lets think hard... Ok so we woke up and after dealing with a rain infested walk back to my good friend Jorge's house and sleeping with the rain pounding down on the roof. We knew there was some water to be taken advantage of. We drove to the Turbio to see a beautiful sight, it was full of dark gray water. We walked up seeing huge foaming holes and stout boogie water until the grande rapid came into sight... We knew that Chico Gerd and Chris Korbulic had run the whole rapid two year ago...

Chris's update from 06'

Evdog scouting the top 30 footer of the big rapid.

When we got there the water was much higher than it had previously been run.. the holes were man eating monsters sent from the depths. So we all walked away with out stouting... the rest of the run was terrifying holes with no eddies. We walked a lot but it was still fun and worth doing. The place is reminiscent of Jurassic park... quoting Demshitz Graham, "I was waiting for the little lizard thing to come spit black gnar hyurp on my face!"

Rodrigo on the last 20 footer on the upper run.

The rain had the Liacura flooding as well so we had some more plans for the mier future.

Later E.G.

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