Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Rad Week in Pucon

So after the long extended driving vacation around the Neuquen province... we returned to Pucon hungry to just get out there and go kayaking. We started out on some good laps of the super classic Puesco where I shot some helmet camera footy, thanks to Shon Bullock for giving those to us. The same day we got another lap in on the Upper Palguin, no portage takers this time.

The last bit of the Upper Puesco... my favorite 2 miles of whitewater here.

After that we got a nice sunny media day on the Rio Nevados. We had a sick time... All though Ian was M.I.A. we still got out there and had a epic day.

The boys all ready for another sick lap on the Nevados...

Jared hitting a sick air line off the kicker on the big Cali slide...

Fred poppin' out some steeze of his own, dope shot.

Layin' treats on the best boof in Pucon... Dulce Amor we call it "Sweet love".

Cleanin' it like drinking a cup of tea in Britain with all the lovely ladies.

Air Brown on the slot falls... we fired up so many paddle tricks and browns that we laughed the entire time.. Demshitz do it like that.

The last little adventure of the week was with a good friend in the area Kurt Casey. He has been a good local friend to have in these parts. He has been exploring South America for the past 20 years racking up uncountable first descents all over the world. He now has two kids living here in Pucon, his son Pablo, now a kayaker has been scouting a waterfall on the Rio Desahue and was ready to drop it. This kid is only 7 years old but has the heart of a lion and mad skillz. He followed his dad off a 10 footer and styled it... I sat there impressed, thinking of what I would have done when I was 7... Cried!!! Watch out Dane!

Kurt Casey legend boater leading his son off a clean drop in the Desahue. Check out his site Rivers of Chile He has done about every river I can think of in this area.

Pablo Casey 7 years old.. this kid is the next Dane Jackson, already running **it and he lives in paradise.

That was about it we revived our spirits in the crystal clean waters of Pucon, no better way to clear your mind. With some more fire building in our hearts we once again planned for a small outing to the South in search of the Epicocity!

Later E.G.

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littlejohn said...

good to see the lower canyon on the nevados is getting some sweet love.