Monday, November 03, 2008

More Pucon Goods!

As the days go by here we just keep going to more and more rivers. The Nevados one of my favorite runs here has been in as well as the famous Desahue. We ran up and got on the Puesco which gave us a morning of excitement on some steeps. Now we are planning out our assault on some of the big boys around the area and waiting for some amigos to show up in town... The Seiler boys should be here in two days more and then our Tour de Stout starts up. Dave Fusili is showing up in 20 days bringing nothing but fire to the plate as well... so keep up to date in your egcreekin and enjoy these photos from the past few days.

Lay out at the last drop on the Rio Plata.. too low to run so we swam.

A great river close to the border of Argentina...Rio Puesco is steep boulder drops for a few miles of action.

One of the best eats in Pucon... Mi Casa.

Me running the Coilaco duck and huck 30 footer with Fred.

Rodrigo on the slot falls of the Nevados on a sunny day out there.

Ian boosting some air on the slide.. Sik line.

More to come soon
Later E.G.

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