Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rio Agrio

After the Palguin we packed up the big Kayak Pucon van and started to drive to the Rio Agrio. After having some problems at the border crossing we were there in a beautiful place and ready to do some more kayaking. The river didn't have very much water but the drops were big and good to go.

Overall the water was low but it was still very fun, and we fired it up. Emjoy the photos from Jared and Fred of this beautiful place.

On a good one old EG bck in the Tina!!!

Rodrigo on the last waterfall of the river. What nice style!

Josh Bechtel's stout he ran for Twich V!!!

Jared on the biggest drop we ran...

Me on a small drop which had a bad little pocket hole on it.

Demshitz Graham is here looking at the river...

Brothers Seiler driving to Argentina.

The most beautiful trees in the world.

Fred stomping a low volume drop, but the most quality of the run for sure.

Some good time with the boys unforgetable shit..

Later E.G.

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