Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pristine High Waters of Cherry


The dominating urge to go to Upper Cherry,
And make it down without being too scary,
After a shut down of Hell's Kitchen,
there was to be no more bitchen,
for we hiked in,
and we did it fast,
but we had one missing member of our cast,
so we waited on,
till the break of dawn,
then found him down the stream,
for less than a scream,
we dropped the tall,
C.Bomb, kiwi, dead bear and all,
for this trip was not easy,
because the water was mack dad slizzy,
high and clear,
we all had a cheer,
then sat down for an ice cold beer.

Gorilla falls main!!!!

Stomp that Cherry Bomb.

poetry by Evan Garcia I will be here all week ladies. But seriously the water was much higher than I haver ever had before and we were all stoked on the results. It made the run better, but harder in my mind. Come one come all enjoy this place it's all sorts of good.

Later E.G.

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