Friday, July 11, 2008

Cali's gas prices drive me North

After a long month and a half of getting mine in "the golden state" I had hit an amazing amount of rivers and spent and amazing amount on gas. One time it cost me 75$ to fill my 16 gallon Subi up. Thats when I knew that there had to be a counter option to all this fossil fuel burning.

Ring...ring... "hello". LJ Groth was packing on his way to the D.R. of the Congo in central Africa, to do a first descent of a massive section of the largest river on earth. He needed a new employee for All Star Rafting in White Salmon during his leave. I could not resist. I would leave right after Upper Cherry to go live in the "Beaver Lodge". This place had been my haven for kayaking trips to the Northwest the last 2 years. Now it was my time to put in some work and live it up.

River List: South Branch, Big Kimshew, South Yuba, South American, South Silver, North American, EF NF NF American, Middle Kaweah, Kaweah, East Kaweah, North Mokelumne, Dinkey creek, West Cherry, Cherry creek. + some more missions and scouting adventures.

After stopping in at Mt. Shasta to visit some amigos I was off again to Hood River for an undisclosed amount of time. Here I am sitting in the Lodge typing on a morning off of work ready to go fire something up for a good day out there.

Later E.G.

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