Monday, July 07, 2008


After West Cherry we decided to either head to a mission on the NF Kings or back to the Kaweah for some good water classic runs. The group went with a check-in at the Hide-a-way campground in Three Rivers for 3 days of sick kayaking. We hit the East Fork twice at good to high flows (900cfs) and 2 nice fast descents of Hospital Rock. The level was high but 2 of us mustered the courage to fire off Triple Drop and I had a good ride down Fugley falls. The Hospital rock run was better than ever before with higher flows and more suave to almost all the drops.

Stamilio on a nice 20 footer with a spicy entrance.

Me on Dead Mans Alley or Triple Drop. The eddy was hard to get out of but doable.

Fugley Falls oh what a chunker.

In the muck!

Joe on the nice 10er after the gorge portage. Beautiful lines!

Joe Barkley running a good slide onto yet another big hole.

Overall I would say that both runs had some stout holes on them I saw many a swim on E.F. this summer and a big beating on the H.rock by Barkley. It was sicktor, the level was quite a bit lower than my first trip of the season when I swam, but still all very similar. check ( for some beta on this area.

Killah out

Later E.G.

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