Thursday, July 24, 2008

More G.Games Photos

Here are some more shots of the Gorge Games race down the Green Truss. This was the last rapid of the race. It made for some good fast and slow lines. You just needed to lay treats on Big Brother and come through Double fast, then it was all good.

Me bone-in' out the boof into double drop.

Salmon jump? not quite but it was there.

Resurface, look at dat grill, emotions ran high, and fire was in my eye!

Flying Dela off "Karen's Box". Repin' for Tdub.

The "Grande" was fast through the rapids, but in flat water it pushed a lot of water so it felt a bit slow. Over all it was a good choice for the race, due to the difficulty of the main rapids. LL be killin' it.

Later E.G.

All Shots by Kayaker Kate.

Later E.G.

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robin betz said...

Woot Woot!! Hell yea Evan - great stories, great photos, great paddlin with you guys on Dinkey!!