Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Misadventure in Cali

There are always times when a mission comes up that you are fired up on, but sceptical. This was one of those times. We drove from Dinkey creek to Groveland to do the South fork of the T. It was a big box canyon with some big hucks if you're feeling it.

Chris and Ben scouting the unrun slide that turned them back.

Me hiking in to a nice view point where I could see many cool waterfalls, but not kayak them.

My poor Subi with a load on her back.

Well lets say I got there, a pretty amazing spot for sure, and didn't feel it. I hiked right on out without even touching the water. It was a good thing though because they ran one mank pile of a slide go to some insane horizon line and had to climb and walk their way back out. It was all good though now I know whats in there and don't really want to go back. Maybe for a cool 40 footer but its a big move to stomp it. photo by Darin McCoid of jscreekin.blogspot.com

Later E.G.

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Corey Morton said...


I hear from my son Devin that you got some footage of him breaking his paddle on Wishbone. He didn't get your contact info but give me a ring or email if you can get me it.