Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rio Jalacingo ¨Bukaki Slide¨

El Rancho Ortiz outside of the small city of Moan...the Jalacingo is in the backyard!

After a nice warm up day on the Big B. section we knew that The Alsaseca´s brother river (The Jalacingo) was at a good level to start and knock off some of it´s harder sections. We went ahead and hiked all the way to the first drop of the run, Bukaki. Rafa and a crew of Canadian buddies, Joel, Nick, Ben, etc. found this drop two years ago on another mission to the area and got the first D. This drop is a messy, fast, sliding, multi tiered falls. Can I use any more adjectives to discribe this drop??? Yes, Brown!

Myself scouting the drop from the top putting all the moves together.

One of the most unique and strange looking rapids I have seen.

Rafa dropping in to the meaty pillow.

The final tier of Bukaki falls.

Todd working it out right about to throw a sick back free wheel off the lip.

After figuring out how we were going to shoot this drop we all lined it up with pretty much good clean lines across the board. Todd did an amazing back freewheel off the last freefall which was a mistake, but looked like pure treat layage. the rest of the run back to where we started out hike included a portage, some fun boofs, and a very tight sluce box drop that had us on our feet. When we arrived back to the truck we made one quick portage and ended the run with a totally clean 25 footer at a trout farm.

Deep deep in the darkest jungles of Veracruz we walked.

A great event took place there. Matt Baker, Rush´s filming partner got in a boat for his first time ever and hucked the falls. He swam of course, but had one heck of a time doing it. That was it for the frist of 3 days bad ass days on the Jalacingo. I will get the next two very exciting days up soon.

Later E.G.

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