Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mexico Y La Revolucion

Well there's not much to say at this point. Mexico is the bomb and there is a lot of kayaking to be done here. Beers and big waterfalls! The mixture happens to be a good one...lucky for us. After a whole day filming in Mexico city, the largest in the world, we finally bounced out of the siphon of 27 million people and off to the country, the city of Tlapacoyan, and the home of the Rio Alsaseca.

The first day we chose to do the Big Banana Canyon which is one of the longer and more quality runs you can find in all of Mexico. The day starts off by looking up at the 110 foot tall Big Banana falls, we are sure to give it a good scout one of these days. Then once downstream in the canyon the rapids become better and better the further you go. A few 30 foot falls lead in to an incredible boxed in gorge that is only class II, but has some very cool energy to experience.

After exiting the gorge you find yourself at the lip of a terrible looking 40 foot falls that is known as "The Silence". This drop became infamous from some epic beat down footage in Scott Lindgen's movie Burning Time. Todd Wells and I decided to give it a go and had good lines making it right and boofing hard. Round that out with some sick sets of incredible basalt water falls and the oh-so-sweet "Meatlocker" double boof and we completed our first day of the trip. What a classic run. It was my third time down this dope section and it still felt better than ever!

Check out some photos I snapped off from the city and Big Banana run...

I'm writing this post from pretty deep in the trip and we have already checked off some of the big stouts that we have planned to run! so keep an eye out for some sweet updates, stories, and photos coming soon.

Later E.G.

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