Sunday, October 03, 2010

East Fork of the Kaweah Edit 2010

East Kaweah 2010 from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

This video was from a two day session on the East Kaweah in May of this year. I had the good fortune of get to paddle with my younger brother (Nasty-Nate Dogg) and his friends Erik Johnson and Andy Walker from our home town Bozeman, MT. Joining us for the week was a Colorado boater, from Durango, Nate Klema. He was a solid fun paddler to hop on and off the river while running around the state.

This run was one of the best memories from this past summer...good friends, good weather, classic, clean, and we were for sure the only ones out there. Enjoy this edit I just tossed together and get ready for some sick shit...Mexico in 10 days!

Later E.G.


Arran said...

come to NZ next dude!

Aniol said...

good shit right here evancito!!!! i received the dashboard, perros vagos are stoked!!!

Jack H. McDonald said...

Sweet kayaking! Are you using the GOPro HD Helmet Hero or the wide lens?

emon alam said...

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