Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M-Wave Sessions

The M-Wave has been somewhat of my salvation the last 3 weeks I have been living in Colorado. Autumn has fully set in here in Crested Butte and not much has been going on in the kayaking front. I have spent a lot of time going through old footage and importing this summer's tapes to remember all the insane good times I had with so many incredible friends.

While first surfing M-Wave I truly sucked terribly. No joke, I could barely catch the wave to save my life. It has a learning curve for sure. I am used to hopping in my kayak and being a great boater on a normal day out. This was different and really challenging. After a few sessions I started to get some tricks and catch the wave more often. I always met up with a crew of Gunnison boaters that are pretty much locals to this wave, and they showed me how to rip this drainage ditch feature. Jon Meyers, Tyler Allyn, and Tom Sutherland have been going to the M-Wave religiously for the past many years while attending Western State College only an hour away. So here is a few pictures that candace snapped off on a few really fun session to the wave. Enjoy the first playboating update on EGcreekin since 2008 at Skook hahahaha.

Tyler Allyn going for a Pistol Flip...believe it or not I have seen him stick this trick on this wave more than a few times.

Out to Lunch, enjoying himself a bit too much maybe.

O.E.B. blunting off the right shoulder.

Not gay at all!

Mr. Allyn cleaning it up at 10:30 PM!

Mr. W-Mave "Hotze" and Mr. Allyn sharing this wave.

The night session crew. Myself, Jon, Alex, Tyler, and Tom.

Jonny catching the wave with headlights of two trucks showing him the way.

Nuclear testing out in the dessert. Maybe there is a reason why Montrose is kinda weird.

Lief ripping up this dynamic feature.

Jon Meyers path of destruction...Helix.

Cleaning up my act.

The night session was a hell of a god time out there. I want to do it again someday. Now that M-Wave season is over for me. I am stoked to have finally gotten back in my play boat and gotten in shape for the fall missions that are coming up really fast.

Later E.G.

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The simul stroke is kinda gay but the jerseys are really gay. Sorry ghey.