Friday, November 09, 2007

The Upper Alsaseca

After a magical day on the B.B. run we took a day off to chill and see what Mexico had to offer and be lazy kids. Anyway back to kayaking. We had gone upstream last week to go scout the upper drops and ended up only running from a small bridge down, only seeing a drop named "The Pooper". Muy Feo walked that one. This time the water was high and we hiked up from km 5 instead of doing what the NBNer's did driving from Altatonga. It was kind of a crapy walk but we made it in under an hour to the big 3 falls.

Ian on the Rib with a good view of the stack up.

#1: an unrunnable 70-80 cascade into a wall.

#2: "The Rib" a 40 footer with a rock at the bottom one would bounce off.

#3: "Auto BOOF" a big slide that send you airborne off a 15 footer.

Ian, Todd, and Charlie ran the rib making it look pretty dam good to go. It was so cold that I was not feeling it at the time.

Todd with the cleanest line off the Rib. He nailed it like a carpenter hitting a 2by4 with a waffel head hammer.The slide was magic and bigger than expected.

Me gaining speed ready to air the thing out. It was kind of hit or miss with this one most of the group just plugged it.

After that we boogied down to the Pooper. No takers this day either, the uglyest drop I have seen on the river, but it goes. The rest of the run was cool, with some good moves and ending with the fun 20 footer at the putin of Roadside section. We were cold and done for the day. It was epic, 3 bigger drops and some really fun boogie rapids. Checked off our list for this trip, money in the bag. Hoping for the wawa to drop we went to bed dreaming for sun in the morn.

Later E.G.

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