Monday, November 05, 2007

Adventura del Xico

El Xico... This run is a classic short run that parallels the city. It starts out with some mank but opens up into some fun drops. Two of the rapids are bigger than the rest and keep you on your toes for sure. We had some more water this time compared to last year, which made the drop cleaner and more enjoyable. Some photos of the main events of the run are here...

Lj on the slot 20 footer.

Me on the enterance of the hardest drop of the run.

Todd on the same drop shot from below.

After this run we looked at Texolo Falls. A nasty 40 to a huge shallow 90 footer and returned to Talapacoyan. On the way down the pass we ran into another huge rai storm we were sure to be faced with high water the next day.

Later E.G.

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