Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cascada Tomata

With the water holding at a high flow we were talked in to checking out Tomata Falls again by Charlie who had never seen the drop in person. I knew that this probably meant that I was going to huck it. It's kind of a bad deal to get to the actual falls because you have to pay two different people who own land on the road to park and walk down to the drop. Even thought it is only 10 peso a person, a total of 2 bucks to see that 65 foot tall beast. After a short scout of the drop and to see if this time we could hike out at the lip for second Tomata, which is a no, Charlie and I geared up and gave her some hell.

Charlie at the lip, he went for the back strokes at the top method, going very slow off the falls.

Part way down looking good still...

Charlie almost ready for impact a little out of wack.

Chuck went a bit over the bars and his skirt imploded but he was all good, soft hit, pretty dam good line, and got into the eddy and on the rock ready for me to come. I went for a different approach

Taking off of it with some good speed.

Sitting up, spotting the landing, waiting to lock it up.

If you in large this photo you can see me almost plugging totally tucked with a sick angle of entry.

I had a soft hit with no problems, I came out paddling hard and didn't even flip. Stoked on that fo-sho!!

Then we got Chuck on the rope we had already set and got him ascending up it. The video of him trying to get up the 80ish feet is priceless, so funny, but he got up with minor scrapes and tried arms. Then the set a Z-drag and lifted me out quickly. Much easier than last time with Tyler's big arse on the other end of the rope. I was stoked to finally huck this one because I had been to the drop many times before this and was either unable to run it, WCKA policy, or it was too dam high. This has got to be one of the hardest drops to stick because the lip is hard to read and the falls is very vertical hard to get that good angle but possible. I was scared I would fall over the bars but ended up greasing it like Velveeta, ewweooo!!

We then drove up the hill and rallied out a roadside run at a sick high level for s-turn and everything else. I had to run the 5km shuttle because no one would pick a half naked gringo up. Long good day filled with kayaking and beauty, cervezas for everyone back at adventurec.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

good work eg

Fred Norquist said...

evan you have no idea how jealous i am..... call me when you get back, jake and i want to plan a spring trip!!!! 970-319-6947

Matt Eddy said...

I can't believe you ran that shit, thats fucking dope.