Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Lines On Roadside

We were super stoked after completing the Big Banana because we thought the water was going to be good for more of the middle sections, but it rained so we did the Upper. Then the water held for a few days because the ground was so saturated. No worries if we can't do anything else we will hit the Roadside run again and again.

Todd on the second drop on the run, very quality rapid.

I will never get sick of this run it is awesome. It may seem kind of chill, and is when the water is low, but when there is some flow in there you have to be on your toes.

High water S-turn... It was a bit loose that day. I was the only one to give it a go.

Hit the big lefty. Hit it good.

Anyway for the New Lines part. Well with more water came bigger holes, and for the most part harder boofs. So we bombed through the run looking for and finding new flakes and lines. There were tons.

Ian on the bottom of the pillow rapid.

Some of the more noticeable were the drop below S-turn boofing it right of center giving you tons of hang time and a sick stomper. Ian ran left on S-turn at ridiculous high flows, that was new.

Me Hitting the hard right line at the huge boof, unnnh!! I like it like that.

Hard right on the second to last drop kicked you so huge that it became one of the best boofs of my life, and right on the last drop made it a bit less mank. Those are just a few examples to speak of.

We did that for a few days as the water dropped lower and lower. We finally got hungry and found ourselves a trail to scout some biggens below Tablazo bridge, ohh they looked good so we got some rest, our climbing gear gathered, and our huevos ready to go big. Photos by Ian and Lj!

Later E.G.

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Josh said...

That flow was spicy! Water is pouring over the sides of the normal S Turn entry. What did you estimate the flow at?