Monday, November 05, 2007

Alsaseca con Mucho Jugo

We woke up after it had been raining all night to find that it was true. The river was once again high as hell. Scary for sure. We tried to run the Roadside section and got pretty much worked over by most the drops. It was fun but too scary to really relax. Charlie tried to run the huge double hole, that is big even at low flows and hurt his shoulder, taking him out for a few days. Ian tried S-turn and got ropped out of an eddy. We got out above the lower part of roadside and drove back to town feeling defeated. No pics of that day but video.

We partied hard that night all over town on a Tuesday night. Had the PoPo called on us because they were confused why Gringos were running around at 2am. The next day we got back on it. Looking for a possible first D we tried to drive up a tributary above Tomata Falls and found out that there is some shiz to be done but it's extremley hard to get to. So Roadside again.

Lj on the Putin falls.

Todd on a sweet triple set.

Monkey Styler on the 20foot

Tood on the same ramp drop.ramp.

It was better and we mad it down the whole run this time. No one gave S-turn but it was there, just ballsy. We found some new sick lines on the run so I was pretty excited about that. QAnother good day on the Seca kayaking Mecca.

Later E.G.

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