Saturday, July 07, 2007

Upper Cherry

Hello everybody and I know that all of you know what this update intales. Yes the ultra classic Upper Cherry creek. This place is a granite play park of beautiful joyous slides and waterfalls. All of you kayakers that know about this run it needs no explanation or details. I will only give the tale of oooo's and ahhh's that we encountered up there in the Emigrant Wilderness. We started to hike on a Monday night in the begining of June. We knew the water was still raging high because of the rescue crew that got off West fork the day before, so we packed for 5 days on the river hoping the level would come in for Chery Bomb Falls to look good.

Halfway to Lords Medow (the putin) we camped at around 9:30 after the hellish blood suckers went to bed. The next day we woke up at 5:00 and walked the rest of the way to the river. The day was looking grim the clouds were moving fast and filling the canyon went darkness, I knew we were in for rain and maybe snow. We sat and rested at the river stright chilling with the birds. We put on and instantly froze. Taylor took a cold ass swim out of a harmless ledge hole at the end of the first slide section. By this time about 15 minutes into the two day run I was ready to get in my sleeping bag and go to bed. We stuck it out as long as possible through heavy rain, hail, and fierce winds that reaped my hands of life. Basicly I think it would have been alright if we had packed for the situation, not 90 degree weather.

Sam peacing out at the top of Mars slide with the dark storm brewing.

After getting through some good fun big water slides and holes we came upon a random gorge that happens to be named class 4 gorge.

Class 4 gorge with some dark clouds.

At this point the group was cold to the bone and decided to call it a day and go meet our other two Kiwi buddies that hiked in to Flinstones camp due to a stolen boat issue. Anyways we ended up chilling at our camp for a night warmed up by the fire and slept 7 deep under my small tarp while the cold rain pelted the ground.

Looking at high water C-bomb walking down to meet Josh and Nik at camp.

The next day we woke up late and hiked back up the massive domes back to the top of class 4 gorge and ran some really fun rapids including gorilla rapid down to the enterance of cherry bomb.

Dropping in to class 4 gorge with the hommies. Still cold.

Gorilla drop with Sam running the middle line.

The sun was almost out for part of the day but the wind and chilly air made for another freezing time on thr rio.

Me and B-unit with numb hands above C-bomb.

C-bomb was still high and I was too cold to fire it up big time. Basiclly we hung out another day and met tons of people at our camp and tuffed out the snowy blizzard.

See the snow sticking to the ridge it was a blizzard.

Yes it snowed hard for a few hours. We stuck it out slept hard and were ready for some good hucking the next day. With Cheese, part of the Idaho UGC crew and a former World Class amigo, along side us we went and ran the bomb at a nice beautiful level. It was very good and more fun than anything else, I was fired up.

EG on the Bomber

Joshy in the gorge tea cups on his run. He hike the boat back up and ran the gorge with the Chris's while we sessioned the camp drops.

We continued down river at a mellow pace and camped at the bottom of Dead Bear falls. The next day we fired off down to the lake and took off.

Nick Wimset freestyling on Jedi training slide above camp.

The possie on the camp drops.

Sam Morgan on perfect 20 below Cali grove tube.

Double pothole falls.

Kiwi in a pocket scene.

Sam the dredy Kiwi on Kiwi.

Camping on a nice soft grassy patch below Dead Bear.

Sam on an early morning Huck:Dead Bear Falls

The bottom gorge is one of the if not the funnest part of the run:The Nozzle

Jack in the box what a wonderful thing.

This was the best trip of the summer up to this point not only because it's sick whitewater but just camping and being in that sort of a place was one of the coolest missions ever. If you have the time to do longer trips and take your time down rivers like this it makes it all so much more complete as a trip. Oh yeah we went to Jack in the Box after this one and ate like kings before going back to Coloma for the first time in two weeks t'was joy in my heart. later E.G.

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