Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to Upper Cherry

After a few days off the water I drove back down to the Cherry creek. I got pulled over by a copper for the first time in my long 18 year life because I had the brights on driving through a city, smart dog. Well this time I went light and mean on the hike and river. completing the 12 mile hike in a short and tiring 4 hours had me stoked for a nap waiting for the rest of the crew.

Photos all by Scott Ligare (

Scott doing his nasty air screws off a 10 foot waterfall.

Me boofing the center line at gorilla rapid.

Ben and EG hanging at the bottom of Dead Bear

Ben Brown, Jared Meehan a cool kiwi dude, Rush, Scott Ligare, Katie Scott, Charlie Center, and Me. We went down the river at a quick pace, had a nice camp, and got out in time to hit the Taqueria in Sanora. With out any time to lose we went back to Coloma to pick up Tyler Bradt and prepare for the epic journey down the San Joaquin. My love for this run grows by the day it's just too clean and good to not fall for it. Later E.G.

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