Tuesday, July 03, 2007

East Fork of the Kaweah

The kayaking bender continues. We had the choice between doing West Cherry again or going down and hitting the last weekend of the Kaweah drainage. To Three Rivers we went. Free camping on the Mineral King road over looking the East fork canyon. We saw some other boater that had done the run and said the level was till good so we were relieved to hear that we drove for a good cause. The East fork is a classic water park style run. There are tons of cool slides and falls and a fair share of boulder gardens as well.

What is this, a baby watermellon??? Oh how tasty!

The biggest and one of the first drops you get to is called Skyhook. Skyhook is a nasty drop with a stout leadin that has you ready to hit or miss the crack of doom. Sam ran this one after three of us were trying to convince eachother that we would be fine going down the tilted slide.

Going right after the 10 footer see the crack!

He fired it up good and tried to make it right away from the wall but slipped down into the crack like evryone else who runs this does. He tagged his elbow and shoulder and came out the bottom. There are tons of good drops on this run and some cool Dinky creek like slides. Here are some of the bigger better rapids of the day.

EG on Dead mans alley or tripple drop is a sick set of falls that is very hard to portage so you might as well run it.

B on the third slide of deadmans.

B on a cool 20 foot slide. There have been some funny stories to come out of people not know the enterence rapid is tricky and getting jacked in the falls. Kiwi's!!!!

Sam on the Fugly Falls near the end of the run.

Me on the same drop, it looks nasty but it goes.

We did some sifting in three rivers then we got fired up as always and we were back on our way to Cherry lake for more action. East fork is a sick one day run that doesnt get to much trafic epicly clean and fun. Later E.G.

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