Monday, July 09, 2007

Good Bye California

Mt. Whitney tallest in California

After a month and a half of the sickest kayaking of my life I am saying good bye to the golden state. It's been one of the most epic times ever and I could not even falthom that I would be lucky enough to hit all off these rivers on a low snow pack year. Travling with the Kiwi's was one of the funnest and best times of the summer and I hope to see you guys soon maybe in BC. So off I go to Oregon and the Columbia gorge for some more good creeking.

Yosemite Valley

Some stats for the summer trip of 2007:

Favorite river: tie Middle San Joaquin/Dinky Creek
Favorite drop: The Thing/Cherry Bomb/boof-a-matic
Best Camping: Flinstones Upper Chery/Cassidy Crossing San Joaquin
Miles driven: around 4500 miles
Worst time: West Cherry Pothole beating
Best time: Almost Completing the 7rivers expedition
Favorite food: Chedder bratwurst
Funnest time: Sam puking @ In n' Out bender/Sam's galicer challange/anything Sam did.

Land of beautiful slides.

Good bye California until next summer. Later E.G.

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