Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Attack on the Hood

After the dreamyest California trip of my life I left the state heading north on I-5. Stopping in Mont. Shasta we hunkered down with my good bro Shon Bullock and had a nice couch to crash on before hopping back in the car to drive across the entire state to White Salmon. A lunch break in Ashland with my aunt and uncle brought us through Eugene and Portland all the way across the Columbia river to a small logde on the side of the White Salmon river.

Wishbone Falls at lower water when the left line is pretty dried out.

Cheese taking the melt down line at Sprit falls.

I would like to thank LJ Groth along with Mike, Max, Monica, and Marshal for letting me and Cheese crash at thier pad it was very comfortable. We had some good eats and nights hanging out with a cool crew. Tyler, Andy, and Lane also came up and did the little white and trus with us a few days in a row.

Boof to Stomp was my line 4 runs on the L.W. 4 run on Sprit.

5 days in Hood River, 4 Little White runs, and 3 Truss runs. It was a good time even though the water was low and I broke my Jefe I still had a real good time. We drove away from Hood to go down to the North Payette instead of going to northern Washington to spend the 4th of July. Later E.G.

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