Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waterfall Chasing 2010

After the North Payette I went back to Oregon and met Pat Keller and a photographer named Lucas Gilman. He followed us around the state as we scouted and ran some pretty amazing big stuff. Candace and I drove them around and enjoyed the high life once again at the Wells House! Big Thanks once again to the Wells Family for being such a huge help this season. You guys are the best...I can't wait to come visit again! Maybe we'll stay in the tree house this time :)

Anyway I got on facebook yesterday and saw that Lucas posted some shots from the trip, so here they are...enjoy them this guy is a world class photographer IE he makes his living and pays all the bills with his camera...pretty cool! Candace's shots with a more stories will be posted sometime soon or maybe seen in Kayak Session later this summer!

Pat destroying Koosah falls on the Mackenzie river outside Eugene, OR.

The oh so massive Sahalie Falls up stream of Koosah...this was the biggest drop of the trip...Pat ran it right before me with a great line as well.

A cool sequence of Jesse Combs running Metlako falls in Cascade Locks, OR.

Same shot of Myself running Metalko for my forth time...Candace's shots from this day can be seen here "Candace's shots of Metlako."

Fish eye shot of my third run of the Upper Lewis Falls near Trout Lake, WA.

Hope you enjoyed checking out the shots as much as we did getting them! Thanks for the shots Lucas...check out his website here at . Have fun and remember just like Biggie said, "The Sky is the Limit".

Later E.G.

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