Monday, July 26, 2010

Beast fork of the Kaweah

With a good hard trip of portaging and running gnar on West Cherry we headed to the chillest spot in Cali...Three Rivers. Well it's not the chillest because it was 105 degrees everyday we were there, but it's the most mellow and quality place to lay back, tan, run the shit, and enjoy the real kayaker lifestyle. The Hideaway campground is $5 a night with free internet and showers. The camp is also only 3 miles below the confluence of the Middle fork and East fork of the Kaweah it's a good place to be!

This was only about 10 minutes before the Yosemite park rangers came and give us tons of shit for inspiring young kids to jump the bridge. That's what Demshitz do, Inspire the youth to be better people :)

Jamie and Josh enjoying the little things in life!

Standing tall on Double Drop just a few rapids up the canyon from its bigger brother.

Cranking the biggest stroke of calm green water before dropping into the mawl of Tripple Drop.

Flying into Dead Man's Ally of Tripple Drop as most people know it. This is one of my favorite boofs in the world.

Sometimes you just got get a little dirty...Fugly Falls.

This is such a fun little set of drops...the entry looks like nothing but packs a punch and good piton if run wrong.

A nice break for lunch at the cleanest 12 footer around.

Brenden Bayly in too deep on Fugly Falls.

Sanga with a very enthusiastic boof after a small lunch to love the heart.

B-Unit coming hot into the Trippler...he had nice lines both days. He is a school teacher on the North Island on the Holiday break.

Rolling with a van and subi full of Kiwi's I was once again the only American on the trip. This is not a bad thing because these guys know how to kayak and live life. Chill vibes rolled through camp as we did two day in a row on the Lower canyon of the East Kaweah. This run is one of my favorites in the state. When the level is right the rapids are sticky and big, but some of the cleanest best drops you can find. With flows from 900-800 we did my two favorite runs down this river of my life. I ran a new drop for me...I call it the "Toxaway slide" because it resembles a big slide from that river, but with a terrible looking over hanging wall near the bottom. I ran it almost all fine with a flip through the hole at the bottom..."you win some you loose some" they say, but "no harm or foul" as well! Along with that we did a few runs down the huge triple drop and ran a drop they called "Fugly Falls". The East fork was at its absolute prime flow to say the least.

After a few days of chillin' and running this amazing section we still had some time before we wanted to drop into Upper Cherry so we hung around and had one of the best days of my Cali carrer...foreshadowing...!!!!

Later E.G.

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