Thursday, July 15, 2010

Return to Metlako...with Patty Cakes!

Well after the insane good-ness of the North Payette at high flow I was back in The Gorge ready for more low volume hucking! Like my mamma always said, "Stick to what your good at". That and, "Two is better than one". So I hooked up with long time paddling gangster Pat Keller for a week of going big. First stop Metlako falls at a slightly lower than optimal flow...but it still rolled like a dream. Check out the nice angle that Candace got this day...full frontal rapped down in the bush.

Myself all the way at the top of the stout ready to fall a long way to the pool.

Pat Steezing it out like a mo fo...this was his first run and he kill it.

Bredan Wells and Jesse Combs also ran with us this day...there are photos of them, but they have not gotten edited yet. It was a good time even though I didn't hands roll in the pool below and shot a bootie of Rainer. This was my first time not hand rolling below this falls of all the four times I have run it. Metlako is a good time. Anual huckfest became and double this year, debatable weather it was a good choice or not. I still have to say it is scary to fall so far. I can't get over the shear height of this bad boy.

Later E.G.

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