Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good As Cherry Pie

What can be said about Upper Cherry that hasn't already been said about sex...it's pretty much the best thing ever. Well maybe? Anyways this was a trip to be remembered. The hike in was started at 5 a.m. to avoid the heat that has been consuming the entire state of California. It took me 6 hours to get to the put-in, which is longer than my normal 4 to 5 hour trek when I'm in better shape. Nobody got lost and we all dropped in to Wonderland to join Alice for a few days. We had food for 2 nights and 3 days, so we hit all the goods down to Flinstones camp and parked it for a few moons.

Brad and I taking up the rear on the hike. We stopped a few times to shoot some video and enjoy the morning light.

Bradley so skyed to see the putin from the trail...we got there about 11-12 with plenty of time to get through The Bomb to camp.

The Upper section is very wide and beautiful. Low angle slides get you warmed for the steeper good downstream.

Flinstone camp is the best place on the planet! You can either hike your boat 45 minuets upstream or just paddle across your private lake and run laps a huge slide into 6 perfect teacup waterfalls. Then rest your head on a bed of California stars...mmmm that sounds nice now right? Well it is hahaha, you have to get there sometime in this life!

Myself ready to go skipping out of the base of Cherry bomb.

Jared "Saomo" getting his third lap on Cherry bomb.

Hiking up from the Flinstones lake to go hit up some drops.

Hiking up from camp to do an afternoon session of sliding and waterfalling.

Everybody getting ready to have a playful race from the top of the slide to camp.

Leading a massive crew on a madbomb through the jedi-slide.

Busting a freewheel on one of the countless laps I did on this amazing section on tea-cups.

Coming back to the camp lake from being in heaven.

The whole crew getting some late night marshmallows! This one brings me back...

This little guy was waiting for the hiking in crew under a log...lucky he just ate a bird so he could attack!

Anyway back to our run. We did 3 laps on Cherry Bomb gorge, countless runs of the teacup section, and ran everything out to the lake expect the main line on Dead Bear falls...which we seal launched into from the river right. It was my personal first time running "Kiwi in a Pocket" and it went very smooth...what a good drop that is! After an amazing three full days of Cherry Creek madness we finally made it back to Cherry lake and our stinky van...spending that much time out there really makes you realize how fucked up places like Fresno really are! Human kind has built some very terrifying things on this earth and that place is one of them. The Photos are by Toni and Bradley hope you enjoy them there are more coming soon I don't have the good ones yet!

Later E.G.

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