Monday, June 29, 2009

Silver Falls, Packwood WA

Getting a bit tired of the oh-so sweet L-dub and Truss I was in to heading a bit further north in to the backwoods of Washington and checking out some big hucks and beautiful creeks. So with some serious motivation we drove about 3 hours up to Mt. Rainer and the Ohanapecosh river.

Having run the Silver falls last season near the end of July, I figured it would be at a higher flow. Looking at flows off the Cispus/White salmon/L-dub, I didn't think it would be drastic. When arriving at the falls you must walk down a short trail to see the first view of the monster rapid.

The first view of the Silver Falls.

It was quite a bit higher than the last time I had been here and run the drop. What did this mean....??? A lot of scouting and a hard choice to make.

More contemplation off weather or not this was going to be a good idea.

The crew.... Myself, Nate, and Davis all looking at what we came for.

Nate getting himself down to the safety ledge in the room.

Talking it all out, before making it all happen.

Safety first....

After a while of looking and checking out the consequences of this rapid. I decided to give it a go. We set up some steller safety instead of getting good media. I was more interested in keeping the whole situation safe. So with all this in mind and everybody in place I got in my Garnde and spalshed my face with the cold, blue waters.

Made it through the entry, upright, on line, and going fast.

Giving her as hard as I could.... going flat.

So the rapid was about as hard as it looked... The first part of the falls was smooth and I subbed out in the seem like I predicted. Coming back from that I hit this crazy boil thing above the lip that pushed me left and then gave her a double stroke off the lip and boofed out. Landing flat and super soft I back endered under water and resurfaced quick hitting a fast and necesary roll.

Paddling away from the frightening walls at the base of the falls.

Safe in the nice calm waters below the falls.

Stoked to be all good and happy that all went as planned. It was a fun ass rapid.

Big water raging down big Gradient.

I was happy to have run the falls at this level with such success.

The biggest mountain in the state of Washington. Rain-dogs flow freely from its white snowy glaciers.

More coming soon.....

Later E.G.


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