Wednesday, June 10, 2009

California Love Tour part2

I have two favorite things.... Big rapids and beautiful canyons. Two rivers.... Dinky Creek and North fork of the American... What more do I need to say. Dinky Creek is up there with my favorite rivers in the world. Ranking in my top 10 classics for sure. Now adding Upper Dink to my hit list I really love that creek. It's my number 1 recommended run for the Cali season... I will go far enough to say that.

With West-side melodies playing throughout my head we mobb'ed down the smooth beautiful canyon with style and grace. My first time on Super-Dink and forth run down The Waterfalls. Dinky was reading 550cfs on the gauge. (NFkings B/L dink)

Demshitz scouting out the Super Dink slide.

Myself and Isaac running the Infini-slide.
Isaac Running the Stoutest drop in my mind... that not just because I broke my tooth on it.

Nate-dog having a good line down the Willie Kern falls in the first gorge of Dinky waterfalls.

Doing a quality Salmon jump in the Nikki Kelly slide... lots of water!

If it don't look easy it ain't steezy.

Misty off the throw and go portage... dinkler.

Ben Luck staying warm on our granite hotel.

Then the Hall of Fatties, Cream of the Crop, Sharpest Crayola in the Box.... Royal Gorge. Going in to the Royal gorge means a lot of things for different people. This being my third time dropping in to this three day wilderness canyon, I knew what I was in for, and what I wanted to get out of it. I put the Gurrrrr!! in Swinger baby! 950ish (NFAmerican @ Clemintine)

Ready to go in to the Royal Gorge.

Monkey man strikes again.

Myself scouting the heart of Heath Springs gorge.

Nater having a good line down the first Heath.

Heath 2. A Scary place to be going big.

A glimpse of freedom.

An afternoon scout of the snake.

Isaac Levenson running his tallest waterfall to date... Rattlesnake.

Wabena Falls. Third Descent EG.

Even though all you ever see of Royal is scary stouts... There is tons of great whitewater in there as well. I have a full segment of pretty much all the goods in there, in the new "Cali Love Tour" video. It was by far my most successful trip down the gorge to date. All the drops I wanted to run, I ran... except for 9 Lindgren's high. Scott's Drop. Which I will maybe go for someday, that day was not that day, if you catch my vibe. That wraps up the second part of the Love Tour... 7 days in a row, it's madness what you can get done in California that time of year.

part3 coming soon.....

Later E.G.


Boomer said...

California indeed treated you boys to a gracious bounty of burl. Wish I coulda been there for that. But, Idaho is dishing out all I can take, High water Secesh on the plate for this afternoon
peace to the beaverlodge

Dan said...

i'm rootin for you guys.