Saturday, June 13, 2009

California Love Tour part3

A state where the pimps be... never find a dance floor empty. The last leg of my three week journey brought me to new heights. First up was the unknown Yuba Gap run of the South fork. Starting off with a bang this run never lets you relax... with many siphons under the water and big drops numerous and abundant this was a truly quality piece of whitewater I can wait to visit again.

SSSSiphon sity.....

A hot hot ski jump slide early in the run.

The first rapid of one of the major gorged in sections.

Geoff plugging in deep on a seem falls.

A nice smooth slab of granite for all to enjoy.

The Gap is a classic with some dealing out there... I portaged more than you had to no doubt, but still got to run a ton of sick whitewater. Next time I have a few more good drops to run myself.

Then we went down to Yosemite and I set a new World Record!!!!!

for the most fun ever had in a kayak.

The whole view of the monster slide.

The top move is the crux....

picking up mad amounts of speed.

The G forces of connecting with deeper water, choice line.

Celebration with the prize all the way to the pool.

Shannon Carrol running after me... with a good line.

Then she hit the deeper water and flew why up in the air... doing flips and shit.

Davis Give running the last steeps of the slide.

Nate-dog about to launch some nasty air time.

Tenaya Creek Slide..... need I say any more? The top 150 feet you drop in only a few seconds. Scary no doubt, then you have football fields after football fields of clean sliding to do. The only rapid I can compare to this stout is the put in slide of West Cherry. This one was less scary, less involved, making it in my mind, more "pure" fun.

After the drive back north and a successful mission to the Tenaya slide for my final day in Cali.... I would have to say the Love Tour was once again one of my better trip to this area. It can't compete to my 07 or 08 seasons in the Sierras.... but in its own way it was just as good. Getting to paddle with my little brother, running some of the biggest/hard rapids of my life, I was truly stoked to get to put in my time down here.

Now I'm back up in Hood River... after another 6 runs down the Little White and a few on the Truss, I'm stoked to be home and making some money for my next kayak adventure. Look for more updates soon... I have some really good ideas in my head for some entertaining movies and hucks for the near future.

Later E.G.

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Fred Norquist said...

yeah bro, nice work out there, truly killin it maybe ill see you in hood river sometime soon